Coco Chewnel meets Miss. Welcome, the Garden Statue

So….You must be the new girl, Miss. Welcome.

I am Coco Chewnel. You must have heard about me, right?

I see you are getting a lot of pee-mails but nothing interesting happening here.

You just need some tips from me, the fashionista.

Why don’t we start tomorrow? You have a lot to work on for a complete make over….


Training on the beach….

Coach Iron Dog: Geez, Percy, why are you running like an orangutan? Come on! One more mile!

Percy: If I die, please bury me between the ice cream store and the candy store….


Bedtime story….guaranteed to put kids (or at least youself) to sleep! ;)

Percy’s story time:
Once upon a time, there lived a lazy dog.
He had 7 cousins and their names were
z z z z z z and z….


Percy and Friends Character Clouds!

Introducing…. Percy and Friends Character Clouds!
They are the main characters in Percy and Friends Claytoon and Cartoon as of 5/9/2014.


Life is full of….


Life is full of obstacles. But these challenges will make me only stronger.

A bunch of cactus pots won’t stop me from getting a peanut butter cookie….


Oh Percy, my dear…. Don’t forget, Life is full of surprises too….


Kentucky Derby Winner, California Chrome!

Percy: Meet California Chrome, kids. He is the winner of Ketucky Derby Horse Racing yesterday!

Billy, Bob, Doug, Jimmy: Wooooo, Cool! Such an honor to meet you!



Dick: Jeffy, seriously, you are stepping on my face!

Jeffy: Hold on, Dick. I am going to be the best wolf Jockey ever known!

Little Johnny: Can I have a bite, Mr. Horse? Can I? I really like carrots, too….

A random act of love


Hello, my dear fans,

I made some chocolate truffles for you.

I know it’s not Valentine’s day, just as a random act of love.

Have a bite, and enjoy the weekend!

(Oops….forgot to tell you, actually they are erasers, handmade by me!🙂 )