Coco Chewnel meets Miss. Welcome, the Garden Statue

So….You must be the new girl, Miss. Welcome.

I am Coco Chewnel. You must have heard about me, right?

I see you are getting a lot of pee-mails but nothing interesting happening here.

You just need some tips from me, the fashionista.

Why don’t we start tomorrow? You have a lot to work on for a complete make over….


Training on the beach….

Coach Iron Dog: Geez, Percy, why are you running like an orangutan? Come on! One more mile!

Percy: If I die, please bury me between the ice cream store and the candy store….


Bedtime story….guaranteed to put kids (or at least youself) to sleep! ;)

Percy’s story time:
Once upon a time, there lived a lazy dog.
He had 7 cousins and their names were
z z z z z z and z….


Percy and Friends Character Clouds!

Introducing…. Percy and Friends Character Clouds!
They are the main characters in Percy and Friends Claytoon and Cartoon as of 5/9/2014.


Life is full of….


Life is full of obstacles. But these challenges will make me only stronger.

A bunch of cactus pots won’t stop me from getting a peanut butter cookie….


Oh Percy, my dear…. Don’t forget, Life is full of surprises too….


Kentucky Derby Winner, California Chrome!

Percy: Meet California Chrome, kids. He is the winner of Ketucky Derby Horse Racing yesterday!

Billy, Bob, Doug, Jimmy: Wooooo, Cool! Such an honor to meet you!



Dick: Jeffy, seriously, you are stepping on my face!

Jeffy: Hold on, Dick. I am going to be the best wolf Jockey ever known!

Little Johnny: Can I have a bite, Mr. Horse? Can I? I really like carrots, too….

A random act of love


Hello, my dear fans,

I made some chocolate truffles for you.

I know it’s not Valentine’s day, just as a random act of love.

Have a bite, and enjoy the weekend!

(Oops….forgot to tell you, actually they are erasers, handmade by me! 🙂 )


Guilty dog, Percy….

Have I seen your lunch? Why are you asking me such a question?


Was that PB&J sandwich yours?

I mean….It didn’t say any name on it….



Secret Club House..


Coco, what do you think of my secret club house?

Nobody knows about it, and you are the first girl to visit.


Um…. Percy, is that Jeffy on the roof?


Nah….must be an animal cookie. This is a candy house I made.


(Don’t underestimate the naughtiness of Jeffy and Little Johnny!

They’re gonna eat the whole house soon! haha)