Percy the automatic food disposal on Duty

Whenever I go to the kitchen, Percy magically shows up right next to me in 3 seconds.

Throughout my cooking, he is watching my every movement to see if anything drops. It almost makes you feel uncomfortable….

Even though we feed him plenty (just dog food with an exception of some fruits and vegetables), he is always hungry.

If I drop anything while I am cooking, ZOOM ~ ~ ~ there he goes. Done. Cleaned. Wiped. Floor waxed.

He is an automatic food disposal service that comes with a floor waxing feature. No battery or electricity needed. Just lots of love. 🙂

This is what he does every time I cook….


PERCY THE IRON DOG at 10 weeks!

He loves us to throw his toys, but he doesn’t like to bring it back…. Percy is super smart but honestly he is a fetch-ly challenged dog…. No matter what we love him! Isn’t he super cuddly? 🙂

Meditation time

Yes, it’s my meditation time.



My belly is full. Sun is bright and warm.

It is time for my daily meditation to find out my inner self.



I had a long walk this morning.

I pooped in my neighbor’s yard.

I sniffed all my friend’s pee-mails….



No, mom. I am not sleeping!

Ok, where was I?

Oh, yeah, I sniffed all my friend’s pee-mails….

Trooper’s pee-mail was very interesting. He said he recently started to like garlic.

Hmm…. I am happy for him.





Yes, of course, I left my reply pee-mail. “Dear Trooper, I like Garlic too. I highly recommend you to try EXTRA GARLIC POW WOW DOG KIBBLE.”


Life is short and there are so many to think about….


Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?



Oh dear, sun is hitting at my eyes…. I have to close my eyes to protect my vision….




Perhaps this is a better position to meditate.

Ok, now, where was I?



No, mom, I told you I am definately not sleeping….

To be or not to be….


Z Z Z ….





Olaf saved my life!

psnowmanFToday at the Iron Dog Academy, we had a guest speaker.

Olaf, the snowman from the Disney movie “Frozen.” Super cool, isn’t it?

He taught us how to make a snowman.

“Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm Hugs!”

And he continued.

“Just hug lots of snow, than it will become a ball. Make three of them. To finish, you need a carrot, some coal, and sticks. But remember, beware of a funky looking donkey! He can eat your nose off! I mean my nose!”

So I learned,

1. Hug snow

2. Funky looking donkey will eat your nose

OK. Easy. Got it.

And after the school, I went out to play with my master.

I was just minding my own business like usual….


Then my master called me.




What do you mean?




Is he the funky looking donkey Olaf was talking about???


Ok. I can do this. Just pretend nothing is happening…. Stay low.


Or…. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!  I mean for your NOSE!!!

Bad Hair Day

After Percy got neutered, things were not the same.

He tried hard to figure out why he had to wear this “Cone of Shame.”

After many thought-filled, restless nights naps, he finally figured it out.

‘A-ha! It’s my hair, isn’t it? Perhaps I shouldn’t grow my bangs out….”  🙂

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