Adventure Time

Jake: Hey Finn, what are you up to?

Finn: It was America’s birthday yesterday as you know. Heard there was a big trouble with this birthday cake.

So I am here to investigate to defeat the evil!

Jake: Awesome. What kind of trouble?

Finn: The cake was so good and nobody stopped eating until they blew off their buttons on their pants!

Jake: Well, then that mission is for me! I am a super stretchy dog! I got my stretchy going on already! Let me eat them all for you!





* Made for my son, a big fan of Adventure Time * 🙂


Happy Father’s Day!

Pudding, the Baby Bear, went fishing with his dad.
It is his favorite thing to do.
Pudding doesn’t know how to catch fish yet, but for sure he knows how to eat.

Pudding: Daddy, I am really, really hungry. Hurry. I see fish over there!!!
Daddy Bear: My little son, don’t worry, I promise I will catch a big one for you….

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers who work so hard for us!



Dedicated to my dear husband, the Daddy Bear  ❤

Lazy Dog Days of Summer 3…. Surfing 101

Lazy Dog Days of Summer 3….Surfing 101.

Percy: Ok, kids, let me tell you about surfing.
It takes years of practice to learn how to stand up…. Z Z Z…
7 Cousins: How about this? Are we doing well?



Lazy Dog Days of Summer 2….

It’s too hot outside, so Master Ben and I decided to watch some scary movie in 3D.
Uh oh.. It’s getting too scary right now….
I better hide my face in the popcorn bag until it’s done.
Hmmmm… it feels tight in here..

I will have to eat a bit to make some space for me to hide….Yum Yum Yum….



Lazy Dog Days of Summer!

Lazy dog days of summer….
In case my master texts and asks me to do doggy tricks….
I am rolled over already! haha


Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

Cotton Candy’s daily activity:
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
who’s the fairest of them all?

Do you know anybody who has the same routine as Cotton Candy?


Remember the first day of school?

I am about to finish the first semester of Iron Dog Academy.
I remember how baby I was when I first started….
Iron Dog Coach: Listen, young pup, we are here to save the world, blah blah blah….
Percy: I have a question. When is the lunch time? How about snack time? That’s my favorite, I don’t want to miss it. Recess? Potty time? Pee-mail time? Any second snack time?


Visit to the museum with 7 cousins

Percy took his 7 cousins to the museum….

Percy: This is the Dodo bird, the extinct flightless bird….
Billy, Bob, Dick, Doug, Jimmy: woooo….

Jeffy: (climbing on top) Don’t you worry, Dodo.. I will teach you how to fly! I have just watched “How to train a dragon” movie!

Little Johnny: (Sniff, Sniff) Hmmm….This bird smells nutty! I annouce his diet involved nuts and seeds!