Bug Cake, EEKS!

To be a great mom, not only you need to take care of your kids with loving heart, but also you need to create a masterpiece birthday cake for them, of course, homemade.

Talking about pressure!

It has to be something new every time, and yes, something will make their friends say “WOW, COOL!”

If you have boys who like bugs, gross things, or anything disgusting to make girls scream (sorry, girls!), they will love this cake. All edible, except signs and the pan.

DSC_0230Very easy to make, and you can have your kids making it with you together.

Here is the tip:

1. Bake brownie and oval shape cookies (for “cockroach”)

2. Crush 1/2 of them to look like a “muddy dirt ground”

3. With the other 1/2 of brownie, make a few balls for “dung” and body shapes for “grasshopper”

4. Use icing and melted chocolate to cover the body and decorate the rest

5. Finish decorating with pretzels, candies, jellies,twizzlers….

6. Add signs (made with hardstock papers cut in to shapes you want, taped to sword-shaped foodpick – can be used to fight the insects!)

What can it go wrong? Messier the merrier. It is just your backyard anyway. 🙂

Want some Cheeseburger and Fries?

What is your favorite food? I mean, what is your favorite childhood food?

Perhaps cheeseburger and fries? Sweets? Cupcakes?

Here you are, all in one (minus meats and veggies….just sweets, even better?), but in microsize, not supersize!

You don’t have to worry about calories. It is smaller than an eraser. How bad can it be? 😉

Enjoy! Nom Nom Nom….

mini burg1