Remember the first day of school?

I am about to finish the first semester of Iron Dog Academy.
I remember how baby I was when I first started….
Iron Dog Coach: Listen, young pup, we are here to save the world, blah blah blah….
Percy: I have a question. When is the lunch time? How about snack time? That’s my favorite, I don’t want to miss it. Recess? Potty time? Pee-mail time? Any second snack time?


Visit to the museum with 7 cousins

Percy took his 7 cousins to the museum….

Percy: This is the Dodo bird, the extinct flightless bird….
Billy, Bob, Dick, Doug, Jimmy: woooo….

Jeffy: (climbing on top) Don’t you worry, Dodo.. I will teach you how to fly! I have just watched “How to train a dragon” movie!

Little Johnny: (Sniff, Sniff) Hmmm….This bird smells nutty! I annouce his diet involved nuts and seeds!


Favorite time with Grace, Percy’s grandma


Who is your favorite person?

Percy’s favorite is Grace, his grandma.

When Percy was a tiny puppy, she read a lot of fun stories which always ended with a happy ending.

His favorite story of all time?

Of course, it is “three little puppies and a big bad cat.” 😛



Leaning Tower of Pisa or Leaning Dogpile of Weekend?

Shhh….don’t make a sound!
It’s a Leaning Tower of Pisa, I mean, Leaning Dogpile of Weekend!
You don’t want them to fall! 😉


Henrietta, the pink piglet

Henrietta, the pink piglet, loves her violin.
She practices her song “twinkle, twinkle” everyday.
Someday she will be a world-famous violinist. 🙂


Coco Chewnel meets Miss. Welcome, the Garden Statue

So….You must be the new girl, Miss. Welcome.

I am Coco Chewnel. You must have heard about me, right?

I see you are getting a lot of pee-mails but nothing interesting happening here.

You just need some tips from me, the fashionista.

Why don’t we start tomorrow? You have a lot to work on for a complete make over….


Meet Benjamin, the Lord of Unicorn

What is your plan for weekend?
Clara and Benjamin, the Lord of the Unicorn, love to run. When Benjamin runs, the magical gold dust sprays everywhere. Would you like to join?



Training on the beach….

Coach Iron Dog: Geez, Percy, why are you running like an orangutan? Come on! One more mile!

Percy: If I die, please bury me between the ice cream store and the candy store….