Blue or Red? Is this a Matrix Movie Trivia question?

Coco: Percy, which one shall I wear today, Blue or Red?


(Haha I know this, it’s from the Matrix movie.

You take the blue, the story ends, you take the red, you stay in wonderland.

I am a dog of adventure, so….)


Coco: But, I like the blue one, are you telling me I have a bad taste?


(Hmmm…. More complecated than I thought.

Perhaps I should choose the safety of Blue. Then….)


Coco: But you bought me the red one for Valentine’s day. Do you not love me anymore?


(Oh no, was there a new sequel I missed?)

Coco, I will get back to you tomorrow after I rent some movies….

Coco: Percy! Come back! You didn’t tell me Blue or Red!!!


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