Percy and Mrs. BonBon, the Iron Chef

Percy needed Mrs. BonBon’s comfort foods therapy today.

So far he had 2 full meals, several doggie cookies and lots of vegetable bites, but still felt empty….

All because Percy was falsely accused that he ate Master’s homework!


Mrs. BonBon is the best baker, “the Iron Chef” in town.

Everybody calls her treats “comfort foods” because it melts in your mouth and it melts your heart too.


“It wasn’t me. It was the stray cat. I saw it,” said Percy.

“Aww….Poor little thing. Why don’t you stay here until you feel better, I will fix you some grilled cheese you like,” said Mrs. BonBon.


“*Sniff*…I will weave my house…  nomnom… I am oing to *sniff * weave my family forever… nomnom…. I am *sniff* oing to wun away… it’s weally weally yummy, Mrs. BonBon! nomnom…. and and nobody will wemember *sniff* me…  nomnom *sniff* nomnom….”


“Oh, wait, I think I hear your master calling you for dinner!” said Mrs. BonBon.

“Oops, time to go home, Gotta go! Thank you and Bye, Mrs. BonBon!”

Percy flew home wagging his tail happy.  He was sure everything got fixed.

After the grilled cheese, he is finally ready for dinner.








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