Life of a Hi-tech Dog

A high-tech dog Percy meets with his Godfather Don for a therapy session.


Tell me about it.


I went out for a walk and reading PEE-MAILS like any other day.

One e-mail was about a sneak preview on the new upcoming SMART-LEASH.  OMG it can play ITOOT  and also comes with a heart rate monitor.  So I TWOOFED how pumped I was.

Then, Coco was upset that I was excited about a PEE-MAIL from another girl, then she changed her status to “it’s complicated” in her PAWBOOK.

I was upset and I wrote that Coco totally misunderstood me on my BLOG. My BLOG friends suggested me to POOGLE on “top 10 tips to understand woman better.”

While I was searching on POOGLE, there was a pop-up Ad on a new Euro-Asian fusion doggie restaurant in my neighborhood. That was a super exciting news!

So I had to go out and send pee-mails to all my neighborhood buddies. Then Coco sent me a TEXT MESSAGE “YOLO.”  What do I do now?

Don: I am gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. Wait, let’s POOGLE about this first….





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