First day of babysitting



Today is a very special day.

Percy’s first day of babysitting! Woo hoo!

These 7 adorable Labrador puppies (Billy, Bob, Dick, Doug, Jimmy, Jeffy and little Johnny ) are Percy’s cousins. And since Percy is almost two years old, he is allowed to babysit them.

Here, you can have a peek….


Percy: Listen carefully, everyone. This is an Iphone.

Puppies: woooo….

Percy: Almost every single human is attached to it.

Puppies: Why? It is for eating? Can we eat it?

Percy: I am afraid no. It is because evil aliens from unknown outer space are trying to conquer the earth. And they are using this device to hypnotize humans.

This is a very dangerous device you need to watch for.

Billy, Bob, Dick, Doug, Jimmy: Yes, that’s right!! Whenever our human friends are using that, they tend to forget about us completely!

Percy: Yes, oh, wait.. Jeffy? Where is Jeffy? J-E-F-F-Y!!!



Jeffy, peeing on the Iphone: This is how we get the aliens back.

Little Johnny: Can I try? Brother Jeffy, Can I?



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