Captain America Movie Ticket Giveaways!


Reminder of SUPER GIVEAWAYS! Deadline is tomorrow night (30th)! ! !

I am not selling anything, I am not sponsored by Captain America movie.

It is just to share some fun and to thank you for loving Percy the Iron Dog! 🙂


Here is the way how we are going to play:

Follow the blog, like this post, and/or like the Facebook page, like the post.  

Easy, right?


Here it is again:

1. Become a follower of my blog by clicking Follow this blog button on the right side

and/or be Percy the Iron Dog’s fan by clicking the Facebook Page Like button on the right side

2. Click like button for this post on this blog,

and/or click like button for the facebook post on the Facebook. (This is important otherwise I would not know who signed up.)


After the deadline (March 30th), I will choose 5 random people and post the winners on March 31st.

Then I will send you FREE (pre-paid by me) 3D Captain America movie ticket (release date 4/4) by email!


Don’t miss this great chance to win Captain America 3D movie ticket giveaways !!

Let’s go ~~~



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