Meditation time

Yes, it’s my meditation time.



My belly is full. Sun is bright and warm.

It is time for my daily meditation to find out my inner self.



I had a long walk this morning.

I pooped in my neighbor’s yard.

I sniffed all my friend’s pee-mails….



No, mom. I am not sleeping!

Ok, where was I?

Oh, yeah, I sniffed all my friend’s pee-mails….

Trooper’s pee-mail was very interesting. He said he recently started to like garlic.

Hmm…. I am happy for him.





Yes, of course, I left my reply pee-mail. “Dear Trooper, I like Garlic too. I highly recommend you to try EXTRA GARLIC POW WOW DOG KIBBLE.”


Life is short and there are so many to think about….


Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?



Oh dear, sun is hitting at my eyes…. I have to close my eyes to protect my vision….




Perhaps this is a better position to meditate.

Ok, now, where was I?



No, mom, I told you I am definately not sleeping….

To be or not to be….


Z Z Z ….





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