What’s in Coco’s travel bag?

I am back from the spring break vacation! Hope everyone is well.


First thing my hub said to me after he saw how many luggages we had was,

“Did you pack the whole house?”



For boys, it seems so easy to pack a luggage for any trip. They just throw a few things in, and there, done.

But for girls, it is a totally different story. You never know what you would need, so you have to prepare well.

You probably would not use all that but need to prepare in case. Who knows what your mood will be like? 🙂


I love watching “what’s in your bag” video and pictures. It is weird I know. Girls can be weird. Haha

So here you are, I am sharing “WHAT’S IN COCO’S TRAVEL BAG?”

Tell me what you think!








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