SUPER Giveaways!

Hello, hello and woof!

It has been about two weeks that I have started this blog (since March 3rd) and facebook page (since March 6th).

And believe it or not, within only two weeks, I already have more than 200 fans! OMG OMG This is SUPER exciting!!

I want to say thank YOU for being my friend and supporter. I can’t go on with this non-sense silliness without your friendship!

So to celebrate our friendship, we are having a SUPER GIVEAWAYS!!! YAY!!

Here is the way how we are going to play:

1. Be Percy the Iron Dog’s fan by clicking Facebook LIKE button.

2. Then comment below that you want to participate.

3. After the deadline (March 30th), I will pick 5 random people and send them FREE 3D movie ticket to the upcoming movie, Captain America (release date 4/4)!

Remember, the deadline is March 30th!  I will post the winners on March 31th and send your ticket through your email!

Sounds fun, right? Yeah, we, the superheroes, like to giveaway superhero stuff! 🙂

Let’s play now and be part of PERCY THE IRON DOG!

Are you guys excited for the upcoming movie, Captain America (release date 4/4)?

For sure I am! As you can see, I am a superhero, Percy the Iron Dogl! 🙂



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