Olaf saved my life!

psnowmanFToday at the Iron Dog Academy, we had a guest speaker.

Olaf, the snowman from the Disney movie “Frozen.” Super cool, isn’t it?

He taught us how to make a snowman.

“Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm Hugs!”

And he continued.

“Just hug lots of snow, than it will become a ball. Make three of them. To finish, you need a carrot, some coal, and sticks. But remember, beware of a funky looking donkey! He can eat your nose off! I mean my nose!”

So I learned,

1. Hug snow

2. Funky looking donkey will eat your nose

OK. Easy. Got it.

And after the school, I went out to play with my master.

I was just minding my own business like usual….


Then my master called me.




What do you mean?




Is he the funky looking donkey Olaf was talking about???


Ok. I can do this. Just pretend nothing is happening…. Stay low.


Or…. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!  I mean for your NOSE!!!

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