Happy Father’s Day!

Pudding, the Baby Bear, went fishing with his dad.
It is his favorite thing to do.
Pudding doesn’t know how to catch fish yet, but for sure he knows how to eat.

Pudding: Daddy, I am really, really hungry. Hurry. I see fish over there!!!
Daddy Bear: My little son, don’t worry, I promise I will catch a big one for you….

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers who work so hard for us!



Dedicated to my dear husband, the Daddy Bear  ❤

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

Cotton Candy’s daily activity:
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
who’s the fairest of them all?

Do you know anybody who has the same routine as Cotton Candy?


Henrietta, the pink piglet

Henrietta, the pink piglet, loves her violin.
She practices her song “twinkle, twinkle” everyday.
Someday she will be a world-famous violinist. 🙂


Coco Chewnel meets Miss. Welcome, the Garden Statue

So….You must be the new girl, Miss. Welcome.

I am Coco Chewnel. You must have heard about me, right?

I see you are getting a lot of pee-mails but nothing interesting happening here.

You just need some tips from me, the fashionista.

Why don’t we start tomorrow? You have a lot to work on for a complete make over….


Meet Benjamin, the Lord of Unicorn

What is your plan for weekend?
Clara and Benjamin, the Lord of the Unicorn, love to run. When Benjamin runs, the magical gold dust sprays everywhere. Would you like to join?



Bedtime story….guaranteed to put kids (or at least youself) to sleep! ;)

Percy’s story time:
Once upon a time, there lived a lazy dog.
He had 7 cousins and their names were
z z z z z z and z….


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world!

You are truly beautiful and incredibly amazing already just for being a mother!


Clara the Unicorn

Isn’t she beautiful? She has the most beautiful heart too.

Her name is Clara, the Unicorn. She is Coco’s Godmother.

She always says,

“don’t worry about what others will think of you. Have a good heart, then it will make you shine.” : )



Percy and Friends Character Clouds!

Introducing…. Percy and Friends Character Clouds!
They are the main characters in Percy and Friends Claytoon and Cartoon as of 5/9/2014.


Royal Wave.. :)

This is Cotton Candy, practicing her Royal wave.

She looks pretty tall, right?

She is wearing some serious high heels under the dress!

If it’s for her beauty, a girl must handle some pain. 😉

CC bC copy

Life is full of….


Life is full of obstacles. But these challenges will make me only stronger.

A bunch of cactus pots won’t stop me from getting a peanut butter cookie….


Oh Percy, my dear…. Don’t forget, Life is full of surprises too….


Beauty Sleep

No, thank you, Monday.

You can come back next week.

Cotton Candy and Lucky Charm need beauty sleep…. z z z z ….


Kentucky Derby Winner, California Chrome!

Percy: Meet California Chrome, kids. He is the winner of Ketucky Derby Horse Racing yesterday!

Billy, Bob, Doug, Jimmy: Wooooo, Cool! Such an honor to meet you!



Dick: Jeffy, seriously, you are stepping on my face!

Jeffy: Hold on, Dick. I am going to be the best wolf Jockey ever known!

Little Johnny: Can I have a bite, Mr. Horse? Can I? I really like carrots, too….

A random act of love


Hello, my dear fans,

I made some chocolate truffles for you.

I know it’s not Valentine’s day, just as a random act of love.

Have a bite, and enjoy the weekend!

(Oops….forgot to tell you, actually they are erasers, handmade by me! 🙂 )


Guilty dog, Percy….

Have I seen your lunch? Why are you asking me such a question?


Was that PB&J sandwich yours?

I mean….It didn’t say any name on it….



Game of Love

This is Fluffy. She loves playing tennis.

Which game starts with “Love-all”?

It’s tennis!

If you are full of love, it’s time to play some tennis!

Share your love ❤


Secret Club House..


Coco, what do you think of my secret club house?

Nobody knows about it, and you are the first girl to visit.


Um…. Percy, is that Jeffy on the roof?


Nah….must be an animal cookie. This is a candy house I made.


(Don’t underestimate the naughtiness of Jeffy and Little Johnny!

They’re gonna eat the whole house soon! haha)



Girls, be fabulous!

Cotton Candy’s first ballet class….

Girls, don’t try to be fabulous.

You are fabulous already!


Good morning, Monday….

Good morning, Monday….

Don’t talk to me until I am done with my bucket of coffee….



Thank YOU, everyone!

We already have over 10,000 fans on our Facebook Fan Page!

It has been only 8 weeks since we’ve started this fun journey!

We love you ❤



Are you sleeping in this weekend?

I have an awesome song just for you….

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

I just wanna lay in my dogpile
Don’t feel like picking up a fetch ball, so leave a fetch ball at the door
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything

No, I ain’t gonna comb my hair
‘Cause I ain’t going anywhere
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

I’ll just strut in my birthday suit
And let everything hang loose
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah



And here is the original Bruno Mars! 🙂

Blue or Red? Is this a Matrix Movie Trivia question?

Coco: Percy, which one shall I wear today, Blue or Red?


(Haha I know this, it’s from the Matrix movie.

You take the blue, the story ends, you take the red, you stay in wonderland.

I am a dog of adventure, so….)


Coco: But, I like the blue one, are you telling me I have a bad taste?


(Hmmm…. More complecated than I thought.

Perhaps I should choose the safety of Blue. Then….)


Coco: But you bought me the red one for Valentine’s day. Do you not love me anymore?


(Oh no, was there a new sequel I missed?)

Coco, I will get back to you tomorrow after I rent some movies….

Coco: Percy! Come back! You didn’t tell me Blue or Red!!!


Miss. Welcome, the Garden Statue


Hey, babe. I heard you’ve just moved in my neighborhood.

My name is Percy, what’s yours?


Oh, I beg your pardon. you have a name tag, Miss. Welcome.


So….I can tell you’ve got a lot of Peemails already.


Wanna go for a walk?


You don’t really talk much, do you?


Earth day


What is the Earth day? It is a “Mission Possible” day for us, dogs.
Dig, plant, fertilize, cover, water. VOILA!
Good job boys, wait, where are Jeffy and Little Johnny?
J-E-F-F-Y and Little J-O-H-N-N-Y!!!


Jeffy: Did you say “Mission Impossible”? HA HA HA Almost there….Get ready to launch the POOPbomb and PEEsile….


Little Johnny: Umm… brother Jeffy, I think I have a problem….


Cuddle giving a life advice to a blind mouse

Cuddle the Bat Cat:

My little friend, no matter how small you are, you should dream big!

How about…. becoming a marshmellow in my hot cocoa?


Little Blind Mouse:

Must be Monday….


Percy and his 7 cousins: Easter Egg Hunt


Percy the Easter Bunny took his 7 cousins to Easter Egg Hunt….


Percy: Jeffy, this is Easter “Egg” Hunt, not Easter “Bunny” Hunt!


Jeffy: I am the greatest wolf in the wild. I got the most vicious white furry giant and I shall bring peace to the world!


Have you had a daily dose of coffee today yet?

HI, I am Chuck, the owner of Starducks Coffee.

We Starducks promise you:
1. instant fashion fixer – you will look like a celebrity
2. eye-opener – you will be able to see the world
3. physical trainer – you will move faster
4. social skill booster – holding a coffee mug makes you look like giving a “Like” to people
5. finally pretty good coffee

5-in-1 deal, totally underpriced!
Yes, join me and come to the “dark” coffee side. Muahaha




Please pray for South Korea.

May Easter Miracle will bring answers to all of your prayers.

Many Blessings to you.



while you are gone….2

What would Percy do while you are gone?


Slurp, slurp…. Hmm….

Yes, the wonderful aromas of your grandmother’s kitchen….just the way I like it.

It is like having a fine glass of wine….



Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! Many blessings to you!

행복한 봄이에요! 당신에게 많은 축복이 있기를!

春も満足! あなたにもっと祝福!

Feliz primavera! Muchas bendiciones para usted!

Heureux le printemps! De nombreuses bénédictions à vous !


Feliz primavera! Muitas bênçãos para você!

बसंत खुश! बहुत से आशीर्वाद लेते हैं!

แฮปปี้ฤดูใบไม้ผลิ! พรจำนวนมากเพื่อคุณ!

Felice primavera! Molte benedizioni!

سعيد ربيع ! الله وبركاته كثيرة !

Happy Frühling! Viele Segnungen auf euch!


Percy and his 7 cousins meet the mailman….

Percy is babysitting his 7 cousins today again. And, Percy’s tips on human life continues.


Percy: This is a mail box. Place for people to send letters and for us to send PEEMAIL.


Mailman Newman: Hey pups! Want some treats?


Percy: Kids, this is my old friend and our mailman Newman.


BIlly, Bob, Dick, Doug: Hel~lo, Newman!


Percy: He is awesome. He always has doggie treats in his shirt pocket. But don’t eat things from his pants backpocket, he carries cat treats in there!


Jeffy hanging onto Mailman Newman’s pants backpocket….


Jeffy: This guy seems dangerous. I smell something FISHY in here!


Little Johnny: Brother Jeffy, Wait up! I am coming to help you! I just can’t jump that high….


Jimmy: What are you guys doing? Are you nuts? …. May I join?




Ugliness is the new cuteness!

They say, to win a girl’s heart, buy her a puppy.


I had to babysit a cute puggle yesterday, so I invited Coco over to show him.

Oops. He is bigger than Coco….

I was also worried about what Coco would think of the look of puggle.

Puggle doesn’t have a pretty face like a cute kitten or Yorkshire Terrier, but he definitely has own irresistable charm.

Guess what? Coco absolutely loved him!

Ugliness is the new cuteness, boys!


Perhaps I will buy her a puppy one day. Wait, I am a puppy! 🙂




Raccoon for a pet? Anybody?

Anybody up for adopting a cute raccoon?
There is a minor problem though….
He suffers from HDSD, Hyper Dog-Fart Sensitivity Disorder.
Stay tuned to find out what kind of role he will play in Percy’s comics!


Percy and Mrs. BonBon, the Iron Chef

Percy needed Mrs. BonBon’s comfort foods therapy today.

So far he had 2 full meals, several doggie cookies and lots of vegetable bites, but still felt empty….

All because Percy was falsely accused that he ate Master’s homework!


Mrs. BonBon is the best baker, “the Iron Chef” in town.

Everybody calls her treats “comfort foods” because it melts in your mouth and it melts your heart too.


“It wasn’t me. It was the stray cat. I saw it,” said Percy.

“Aww….Poor little thing. Why don’t you stay here until you feel better, I will fix you some grilled cheese you like,” said Mrs. BonBon.


“*Sniff*…I will weave my house…  nomnom… I am oing to *sniff * weave my family forever… nomnom…. I am *sniff* oing to wun away… it’s weally weally yummy, Mrs. BonBon! nomnom…. and and nobody will wemember *sniff* me…  nomnom *sniff* nomnom….”


“Oh, wait, I think I hear your master calling you for dinner!” said Mrs. BonBon.

“Oops, time to go home, Gotta go! Thank you and Bye, Mrs. BonBon!”

Percy flew home wagging his tail happy.  He was sure everything got fixed.

After the grilled cheese, he is finally ready for dinner.








Percy’s trip to the zoo with his 7 cousins


Percy’s trip to the Zoo with his 7 cousins..


Percy: Here we are, finally arrived at the Zoo!


Billy, Bob, Doug, Jimmy, Jeffy and Little Johnny: Yay! Can’t wait to see animals!


Percy: Oh, no, we are not here to see animals. You see, the “Zoo” is actually “NOO” flipped. “NOO” stands for “National Outerspace Organization,” the secret society for Aliens. We are here to investigate the situation.


Billy, Bob, Doug, Jimmy, Jeffy and Little Johnny: Wooo…. Sweet!


Percy: Good, Jeffy and Little Johnny are behaving well today for a change. Oh wait, Dick! What are you doing?


Dick: Um… I am just dropping a quick pee-mail….


Percy: Guys, No PEE-mail and Pawbook allowed during the field trip! Concentrate!



MAC computer? – lesson to 7 cousins

Percy is babysitting 7 cousins again….

Percy: Listen up, kids. This is called “MAC.” It stands for Massive Alien Community.

Billy, Bob, Dick, Doug, Jimmy: Woooo..

Percy: We used to be known as Man’s best friend.
But Aliens ordered this Mac to replace our position and it is hypnotizing our human friend to stare at it for hours. We must get rid of it.

Billy, Bob, Dick, Doug, Jimmy: Wooo… it sounds so dangerous. You are the bravest cousin we have ever known, Percy!

Percy: Ha Ha… Thanks, guys… Wait, where is Jeffy and Little Johnny? J-E-F-F-Y and Little J-O-H-N-N-Y!!


Jeffy, Peeing on the Ipad: Somehow you survived my last attack… But I am going to finish you today!

Little Johnny: You are my hero, brother Jeffy! | will take care of this little one, leave this to me! Oh, no!… Uh- oh, umm…. brother Jeffy, would poo destroy aliens too?


Wolf Digest: Special Edition !

Woo Hoo !! Special Edition of Wolf Digest is out!

Featuring Poodlina Greatsky!

Yes, Lady Wolves are not happy about this. They think a Lady Wolf should have been featured instead of a Poodle. 😉




And it is inspired by Golf Digest, of course. 😉

Here is the original version:





And in case, you want to read the full version, here is the link to Golf Digest website:




Life of a Hi-tech Dog

A high-tech dog Percy meets with his Godfather Don for a therapy session.


Tell me about it.


I went out for a walk and reading PEE-MAILS like any other day.

One e-mail was about a sneak preview on the new upcoming SMART-LEASH.  OMG it can play ITOOT  and also comes with a heart rate monitor.  So I TWOOFED how pumped I was.

Then, Coco was upset that I was excited about a PEE-MAIL from another girl, then she changed her status to “it’s complicated” in her PAWBOOK.

I was upset and I wrote that Coco totally misunderstood me on my BLOG. My BLOG friends suggested me to POOGLE on “top 10 tips to understand woman better.”

While I was searching on POOGLE, there was a pop-up Ad on a new Euro-Asian fusion doggie restaurant in my neighborhood. That was a super exciting news!

So I had to go out and send pee-mails to all my neighborhood buddies. Then Coco sent me a TEXT MESSAGE “YOLO.”  What do I do now?

Don: I am gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. Wait, let’s POOGLE about this first….