Hello! It’s been a while since any posts have been made. I hope you haven’t been waiting too long! I am making a Percy The Iron Dog reboot (NOTE:Not Jackie, its her son). I hope you can cope with it <3. I will be adding some new characters, new posts, and a possible main characters page. I hope you enjoy the cartoons that approach!

Yours Truly,

Benjamin(aka Jackie’s Son)

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Adventure Time

Jake: Hey Finn, what are you up to?

Finn: It was America’s birthday yesterday as you know. Heard there was a big trouble with this birthday cake.

So I am here to investigate to defeat the evil!

Jake: Awesome. What kind of trouble?

Finn: The cake was so good and nobody stopped eating until they blew off their buttons on their pants!

Jake: Well, then that mission is for me! I am a super stretchy dog! I got my stretchy going on already! Let me eat them all for you!





* Made for my son, a big fan of Adventure Time * :)


Percy and Friends Character Clouds!

Introducing…. Percy and Friends Character Clouds!
They are the main characters in Percy and Friends Claytoon and Cartoon as of 5/9/2014.