How do you walk your dog?

They say, people can tell about you by the way you do things.

For example, people can tell your character by colors you wear, food you eat, smart phone you chose, sports team you cheer, and celebrities you follow.


How about…the way you walk the dog?

I am used to be a musician who has been performing on a big stage, oh no not now, in my previous life.

Perhaps because of that, I still tend to choose fashionable and pretty things over practical ones.

So natually I imagined walking your dogs should be another glamorous thing to do.

Oh boy, am I so wrong or what on a fabulous dog walk….

Percy is so lovable and precious, I can’t imagine living without him now. But he is definately on a handful side just like baby.

Forget about my style. The only thing I focus is to remember TWO poop bags. Then I am good.




What’s in Coco’s travel bag?

I am back from the spring break vacation! Hope everyone is well.


First thing my hub said to me after he saw how many luggages we had was,

“Did you pack the whole house?”



For boys, it seems so easy to pack a luggage for any trip. They just throw a few things in, and there, done.

But for girls, it is a totally different story. You never know what you would need, so you have to prepare well.

You probably would not use all that but need to prepare in case. Who knows what your mood will be like? :)


I love watching “what’s in your bag” video and pictures. It is weird I know. Girls can be weird. Haha

So here you are, I am sharing “WHAT’S IN COCO’S TRAVEL BAG?”

Tell me what you think!








First Essay Homework!

I got a first essay homework.

My friend James said it looked like a piece of cake.

I didn’t see any cake in there. I think I should tell his mom that he might need glasses.

About the essay, GEEZ..I had to think really hard…. it was pretty tough.

But after 5 hours of concentration, I did finish writing all by myself!

I am very proud of my first homework!





Percy vs Mystery Creature in the Fire Place

When everyone in my family goes out and they have to leave me at home alone, they always ask me to “guard the house well.”

Yes, I am the Iron Dog, (well, to be honest, Iron-Dog-In-Training), so I accepted this mission with pleasure and honor. I must take my responsiblity seriously. I can’t even take a snack break without being alert.

Did somebody say a dog’s life is easy? I don’t think so.

p vs s

Doga Manual

Super excited!!

I was selected to be a model for Doga manual at Iron Dog Academy today. Woo hoo!

(Actually I was the only one who raised my paw. Others were all so distracted sniffing, licking and scratching….)

But the photographer said I needed to get into shape first to be a doga model…. but we didn’t really have time. So the photographer said he will have to use body double….

Still I am a model and I look Gooood!


doga manual 0